Establishing A Shopping Buddy System


When it comes to dieting and working out, it’s well known that a friend or partner with similar goals can help keep you motivated to stay on track. A shopping buddy can be just as important. Everyone needs a trusted friend to rely on for advice on what looks good and to keep you sane when sale psychosis sets in. (Note: your boyfriend, husband or significant other is usually not your best source for fashion advice, witness this funny video at

So what makes a good fashion buddy? Here are a few things to look for:


1. Honesty. Your fashion buddy should never be afraid to answer “yes” when asked “does this make my butt look fat?” If you want someone who always tells you that you look great, there are salespeople for that.

2. Enviable Style Sense. Choose a buddy whose style you admire. They’ll give you great advice and perhaps inspire you to try something you wouldn’t ordinarily gravitate towards. Never thought you could wear skinny jeans but your friend showed you how? Now that’s a fashion buddy!

3. Similar Shopping Styles. Do you run through a store like a woman on a mission, or do you take your time methodically scanning the racks? Make sure your buddy has a similar strategy or you could be frustrated waiting for your buddy when you’re anxious to hit the next store.

4. Budget Equality. If you’re a cheap chic kind of girl and your friend only wears Chanel, you shouldn’t be shopping together.

5. Sound Judgment. You need someone to reign you in when you’re about to buy your 10th pair of black shoes or to give you a reality check when you’re about to splurge on a sequin minidress that you’ll never wear.

6. She Gets You. One of the most important qualities your buddy should have is that she knows what looks good on you, what works for your lifestyle and can recognize in an instant that piece that is “just so you”.

7. Companionship. It goes without saying that you should enjoy your fashion buddy’s company.

If you already have that person you love to shop with, consider yourself lucky – and go hit the stores!

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