Holiday parties: what to wear to a cocktail party and family dinner

by Daisy Lewellyn, The Queen of Effortless Chic

Continuing our quest to ensure that you do indeed have something to wear to your next holiday gathering, we’re following up yesterday’s brunch with friends look with two looks that are perfect for a cocktail party and a family dinner.


Hanging with your besties for a decadent dessert party? Everyone will call you sweetie all night with your peppermint twist dress, and grown up girly cupcake earrings by the most playful designer ever, Betsey Johnson.

Friends are amazing, but there is no time like family time. Your swanky aunt is hosting a dinner at her house this year for a post Thanksgiving soirée. Pull out the girl version of a dinner jacket: the tuxedo jacket paired with just enough sparkle to keep the family dazzled all night.

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