Home For The Holidays: Cozy, Soft Cashmere

by Stacy Cox

Exhausted from partying it up for the holidays? Lucky for you, this series isn’t about the little black dress or the party shoes, jewelry and clutches to accent your glam, this one is for all you post-revelers who can’t wait to curl up in some fuzzy slippers and pajamas, look cozy yet chic and “chill-ax” as we bid adieu to 2009.


Trying to find affordable cashmere pieces tends to be a bit challenging, but there are many quality options in this grouping. When you get home from a long day, there is nothing more soothing and enveloping than slipping into soft cashmere drawstring pants or a cashmere robe (or cotton/cashmere blends at a fraction of the cost.) And cashmere socks are a great jumping off point if you are new to the world of cashmere or your budget is really restricted. A little something is always better than nothing!

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