Home for the Holidays: Mad for Plaid

by Stacy Cox

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, we spend about 35 days at toasting and celebrating each other, our accomplishments and the goals we aspire to achieve in the coming year. But squeezing all of these festivities in and around work, plus keeping up with our normal responsibilities, is a job in itself. Not to mention the “creative drain” that occurs once our fashion juices become tapped trying to come up with inventive spins on our party attire. So, this series isn’t about the little black dress or the party shoes, jewelry and clutches to accent your glam, this one is for all you post-revelers who can’t wait to curl up in some fuzzy slippers and pajamas, look cozy yet chic and “chill-ax” as we bid adieu to 2009.


When you think of cozy pj’s, plaid and flannel are two things that are instantly synonymous. Topshop’s ombre checked nightshirt with the tie at the waist definitely adds a little pinache to this classic. The flower plaid headband is a steal for $6 as are the $18 plaid moccassins from Urban Outfitters which are incredibly cozy and add a little flair. Now grab your favorite book, blanket and a cup of tea and you are good to go!

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