Hit A Home Run With These Sporty Chic Looks

by Stacy Cox

Have you gotten out this summer to enjoy our national pastime? No, not mid-summer sales, I’m talking about a baseball game. With football, basketball and hockey on hiatus until falls arrives, baseball games are a great place to see and be seen (especially by cute guys). I have been going to games since I was a kid and remember thinking I was so hip in my K Swiss tennis shoes and Guess overalls with the bib down. Today, I’m hitting a few more home runs when it comes to fashion, so here are some fun pieces to sharpen up your sporty look without striking out:

Take me out to the ball game (on a date!)

Understated cool… Pair your favorite jean shorts with a baseball tee, blazer, sequin Converse and the best hat for the occasion, a baseball cap.

Sweats are a hit for an evening at the ball park

Sporty chic meets Joan Jett. The track jacket is designed by rapper Missy Elliot, the tank layers nicely over the colorful bra top that holds “the girls in nicely”, and the cropped sweat pants are comfy cool. Add a pair of retro sneakers and a cuff bracelet layered with authentic wristbands to complete the look.

A league of your own

More feminine and low key then the other two, I love the Old Navy dress because it comes in a XXL, perfect for a woman with curves. Stop tossing out your denim jackets since they keep coming back in style. The slip-on Converse, fedora and scarf add flair to the outfit. The sunglasses and peace cuff can work for all three outfits if you desire.

And remember, leave your fancy handbags at home. Gucci and baseball is like pregancy and skinny jeans… hard to pull off!

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