How To Look Like A Million Dollars On A Budget

by Daisy Lewellyn

Do you have Chanel taste on a Target budget? Not to worry, there are easy and affordable ways to make your style look as good as a tax free million bucks. Here are four of my favorite Million Dollar Tactics under $100. Wear one combo alone, or if you’re feeling really valuable, try combining one or two. Because baby, you’re worth it!

1. Wear Estate Jewels

Hefty inheritance or not, you can get the look of estate jewels for less and still look like royalty. To avoid jewelry competition, keep the faux estate pieces the focus of your look, and keep anything else like a bracelet or watch pretty simple and chic.

Oversized Cocktail Ring + Solid Mega Sparkly Studs = Million Dollar Baby

2. Pull It Black Together

There is something about a cinched waist and bold black accessories that looks like you spent a pretty penny on your look. By highlighting your waist with a black belt, you get a seriously structured look. Opaque black tights paired with a bootie are the perfect topping to this recipe for style success.

Black Belt + Black Opaque Tights+ Black Bootie = Million Dollar Baby

3. Live Large

Rip a page from the Beyonce, Salma Hayek and vintage Carrie Bradshaw book of style and be shady by sporting amazing oversized shades with a dark tint paired with voluminous free flowing cascading hair. These ladies know how to toss on the perfect eyewear and booming hair volume when hitting the city for a day of luxury. You might not be dodging the paparazzi, but you are still a StyleBakery superstar.

Oversized Celebrity Shades + Voluminous Full Big Hair = Million Dollar Baby

4. Let Your Light Shine

Shiiine on, shiiine on me, my dear! Sequins and shiny gloss always seem to transform the dullest days into something shimmering and special. Be inspired by the looks from the red carpet of the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes. Anyone with sequins and a good shiny lip gets my stamp of approval.

Sequined Statement Piece + Shiny Pouty Lip = Million Dollar Baby

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