Instant Style Upgrades, Part 2

by Daisy Lewellyn

Virtually every woman shares a universal dilemma: a busy schedule with not much time to get ready each morning. Luckily, there are easy tricks that you can adopt to help you look great no matter how crazed your day will be, using items already in your closet. I’ve put together four tips to help you look at your wardrobe with a fresh eye, and look chic in seconds!

Play Dress Up: Printed dresses are the ultimate way to look chic in a few seconds, literally. A dress makes you look special and pulled together, all with one single item! Prints make a statement on their own, so they are perfect when you’re in a rush and have no time to grab jewelry. Long and flowy, or short and sweet, dresses are the way to go for every ocassion.

Go For The Gold: There is no easier way to swiftly spice up your style than to boldly go gold. Gold statement necklaces are a terrific way to take a basic white tank from drab to fab in a flash. Look for golds, both shiny and matte, with fun elements like coins, links and floral clusters.

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  • Lisa

    It is so true that wearing a dress is an instant, easy upgrade. I work at home and started really looking slouchy in my endless cycle of jeans and yoga pants. I now wear a lightweight printed skirt or dress instead. They are just as easy and comfortable as jeans, and they make me feel so much more attractive! I love a strong necklace, too, like the gold pieces Daisy recommended. Check out for some pretty, unique and well priced necklaces.

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