Is cashmere better than chocolate?

The Calorie-Free, Guilt-Free Gift of the Season!

by Stacy Cox

Like the first time you donned a great fitting bra, or purchased your first buttery soft leather jacket and realized your fashion I.Q. just jumped light years to arrive at a fashionably evolved level, a cashmere awakening is no different. Whether a scarf, sweater, socks or blanket, a cozy piece of cashmere has the ability to instantly cocoon you in warmth. It’s a tactile, sensory experience signaling the body to take a breath and slow down. If you happen to be having a rough day, think of cashmere like a warm soothing bath, minus the bubbles, helping to calm and center you, especially during the hectic holiday season.


I’ve also experimented with devouring chocolate to de-stress, but when my holiday dress refuses to zip, I realize that cashmere is just as effective, sans the excess calories and guilt. Before showing you some of my favorite luxe cashmere pieces to give your favorite women and men, here are a few tips for taking care of your cashmere:

  • Wash your sweater in lukewarm water using diluted hair shampoo. And rinse sweater with diluted conditioner to keep the fibers extra soft.
  • Dry your sweater flat, away from heat and sunlight.
  • Pilling is caused by abrasion from regular wear, and with cashmere, some pilling is normal.
  • Moths eat only natural fabrics and consider stained wool a delicacy. Mothballs and cedar chips help protect wool from moths. Furthermore, be sure your cashmere garment is clean and stain free before storing it for the summer.

Cashmere for Her

Cashmere for her in every imaginable price range! From socks to hats, gifting cashmere to family and friends doesn’t have to break your holiday budget. But if you can splurge on something for yourself, the lounge pants and camel coat are simply put…yummy!

Cashmere for Him

Cashmere in shades of gray seems to be the most popular color for guys. So my advice is to try to avoid conformity and look for a pretty blue shade, something in red or even purple like this v-neck sweater from Saks.

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