Layers: Wear this trend from the Fall 2010 runways now

Bored with your winter wardrobe yet? Don’t worry, spring is almost here, along with fabulous new must-haves to add to your closet (stay tuned for our big spring trend series starting next week!) In the meantime, give your cold weather look a refresher with these styling tricks taken straight from the Fall 2010 runway shows in NY last week:

Layers were a popular trend on the runway, appearing in seemingly every designer’s show. While not necessarily a new trend, the standouts seemed to have an “everything but the kitchen sink” feel to them. Scarves were worn over jackets which were layered over vests on top of shirts… A seemingly mismatched pairing of pieces in an artful, yet uncalculated way. Try experimenting with your own wardrobe to create fresh ways to wear the pieces you’ve been wearing all season. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and textures, and try wearing short pieces over longer pieces. (check out these layering ideas)

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