New Year's Style Resolutions For A More Fashionable 2009

No high fructose corn syrup this year, yoga three times a week, attend all doctor check-ups… while these are great resolutions to post on your refrigerator and office computer, don’t forget our favorite topic: fashion! At StyleBakery, we’re ready to help with a few great Style Resolutions to help snap you out of your fashion funk. Take a peek at a few easy and affordable ways to help you be a more stylish you in 2009.

by Daisy Lewellyn

Resolve to: stop wearing blah blah blah neutrals every day and add more color to your wardrobe

Dare to be bold with color this year and gradually transition from wearing your usual black with black, or grey with grey. Don’t leat color intimidate you, just try reaching for one bold color to pair with your favorite neutrals. It will brighten your day in more colorful ways than one.

Resolve to: embrace your feminine side

Bows. Baubles. Ruffles. Satin. Florals. Chiffon. Sweeten your mood by embracing your inner girly girl. Choose one feminine element to soften your look and feel innocently sexy.

Resolve to: call a truce with your under-wars

Innocent until proven guilty, huh? Well, we say innocent until those granny panties are exposed! Rips, tears, stains, OH MY! Even if no one sees them but you, opt for sexier, prettier bras and undies this year that have more fun than holes in them. No matter if you prefer cotton, satin, prints or solids, make a choice to bring peace to your under-wars.

Resolve to: ban sweatsuit Saturdays

For some odd reason, comfy and casual in America seems to equal schleppy and sloppy. Take a stand against head to toe sweatsuits, and spice up your comfort with much needed style.

Resolve to: get out of my jeans-and-tee rut

This year, mix up your standard jeans and a t-shirt look with cooler, more stylish pairings. Save cash by wearing your fave jeans from 2008 and spend a few bucks on new ways to reinvent your look.

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