Passport to style: what to wear when traveling by car

by Daisy Lewellyn, The Queen of Effortless Chic

Planes, trains and automobiles are packed with families, singles, and college co-eds headed home for the holidays. Before you zip up your bags, we have one must have to add to your packing list… it’s called the Passport to Style. Over the next few days, we’ll show you three different head to toe looks perfect for the girl hitting the Amtrak, Airlines or SUV. Buckle up for three travel friendly outfits with a cozy compromise of fashion and comfort.


Today, we’re tackling Carpool Chic. Unless you are under 5 years old, your pass for travelling in your jammies has been revoked. A happy alternative: pairing soft leggings with a cushy sweatshirt that feel and looks fantastic. Throw on a wrap sweater that doubles as a blankie and you are good to go. Keep a pair of dark shades and a quilted satin eye patch handy to protect your eyes when the sunshine peeks through (unless you’re the one doing the driving, of course!) A pretty pink pair of fur lined Ugg boots will make you feel like you have stepped into cotton candy land, calorie free.

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