Reinvent Your Wardrobe For The Holidays

by Stacy Cox

There are a few basic tenets or credos that all good fashionistas live by, including:

  • Closets should have a direction or sense of organization. Whether color coordinated, coordinated by category or separated by season, you’ve got to have a method to the madness for quick access to whichever piece of apparel you are seeking.

  • Pack your wardrobe with the basics: a Little Black Dress, go-to blazer, jeans that make you appear skinny when you are having a “puffy” day (I dislike the phrase “fat day”), a great peacoat or trench coat and a cashmere sweater. You know, things like that.

  • When your fashion sense eludes you, accessorize with smart and sexy shoes, scarves, sunglasses and handbags. Some say style is all in the details anyway.

With the last two tenets in mind, I’m determined to infuse my closet staples with a “wow” piece of clothing or accessory to breathe new life into my wardrobe this holiday season. Here’s how:


Breathe New Life Into: Your Little Black Dress & Favorite Jeans

Interestingly, you can use the same pieces to update both your favorite little black dress and your go-to jeans, making the following items worth the splurge. The scarf, leather jacket and necklace are great power pieces that will yield compliments time and time again. The sequin blazer, red pumps and Rose’ a Pois Blazer are perfect for taking a day look into night this holiday season and into the New Year.

Breathe New Life Into: Your Basic Black Suit

Colors, collars and couture. The two black suits imaged above are terrific starting points, but lack personality and most importantly, your signature. That’s where ornate, cleverly designed blouses come in handy adding the necessary touch of whimsy to an otherwise conservative look we have all seen a million times over. The brooch is unique because it adds a little flair to your jacket lapel and gloss to your lips when you need a midday touch up. The lion head belt is also fun and great for reinventing your silhouette and celebrating your curves, which we all too often forget to do. I think it’s about keeping it interesting and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone from time to time.

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