Sale Surfing: Score Great Deals for Fall in the Spring

by Daisy Lewellyn

Spring and summer are seasons filled with tropical destination weddings, garden parties, and rooftop soirees. Most girls have their minds on the hottest gladiator sandal and must-have summer dress. But smart recessionistas know that this is the perfect time to shop for off-season items, scoring amazing bargains in the process. Here are some insider tips for shopping for fall in the spring:

1. Memory Lane: Take a trip down memory lane and take note of what you always seem to wear in the Fall. Your list will likely consist of boots and outerwear. Fall staples like a good brown boot or wool coat will never go out of style, no matter the year.

2. Style Search Warrant: Shop sites like, and using their on-site search boxes. Narrow your search by plugging in key fall terms like Boot, Shearling, Fur, Cashmere, and Outerwear. You can often find great deals at more than 50% off. Even better, use a shopping search engine like that allows you to look for what you want and narrow it down to only items on sale for 50% or more.

3. Quick, Fast, In A Hurry: Typically, there is limited stock on off-season merchandise, sometimes with just one item available. Once you locate a great coat or fab pair of boots at a super sale price, it’s best to grab it while you can.

4. Shop the Classics: Look for Fall classics that are big on style like riding boots or a chocolate suede handbag. (check out our list of must-own classics)

Take note: shopping off-season works for spring and summer items also! September-December are great months to score sandals, swimsuits, straw bags, and hats.

We did a little sale surfing and found these fabulous off-season finds:

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