Sexy slimming Valentine's Day: back in black

by Daisy Lewellyn

Got a hot date? Here are some effortless chic tips and tricks for achieving a svelte and sexy look that will leave a lasting impression like never before.


Secret Style Weapons:

Wearing a black jacket on top of a dark noir shirt will widdle away the middle, or at least give a pretty darn good illusion. Keep the party going with my favorite trick: black opaque tights worn with black platform heeled shoes. The result: a long lean sexy looking leg.

We love a great miniskirt with pooch concealing power. This fashionable number is full of color, personality, and a mega bow that covers your belly while you fill it with celebratory chocolates and champagne.

Boy Bonus:

Wear the stretch lace stretch t-shirt that is not only flattering, but makes him think of lingerie. You are fully covered, yet still mysterious. Sexy, but still safe.

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