Shopping The Classics: Black Pants and Dark Jeans

Next on our list of classic pieces every woman should own are black pants and dark jeans.

Odds are you’re already familiar with the magic of a great-fitting, figure flattering pair of black pants. A true wardrobe workhorse, black pants are right for almost every occasion and never go out of style. Such an essential piece is worth the initial investment and a trip to the tailor to insure the perfect fit. Shop for a pair that can fluidly move between work and play. A leg opening that isn’t too flared or too skinny will ensure that your pants won’t look outdated in a year or two. Select a length that works with a 3 inch heel for optimum versatility (unless you only wear flats or 5 inch heels, of course!) Also, be sure that the pockets lay flat on your body for a slim look. Here are some worthy options for every budget:

Dark denim is far more sophisticated and timeless than lighter or specialty washes and can be worn during the day with a t-shirt or dressed up for evening with a dressy top and heels. For most women, a low rise or mid rise style is best along with back pockets that are centered on your rear and not patch pockets which can add bulk. Generally, a slight boot cut style is the most flattering silhouette. When looking for a classic style, avoid jeans with additional stitching details or bright threads. Our advice? Try on as many pairs as necessary until you find the best fit for your figure. Here are some of our favorites:

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