Slim socialite: styling tricks to help you look 5 pounds thinner

by Daisy Lewellyn, The Queen of Effortless Chic

Let’s be honest, holiday soirees are exciting, not only because of all the socializing with friends and family, but also because of the yummy food! Exotic chocolates, homemade chewy cookies, rich creamy eggnog, pastries galore… For all of the foodies who love to nibble as much as they like to shake a tail feather, here are 2 looks that allow you to look slim and svelte without passing up all of the sweet and savory holiday indulgences.


Lady in Red

Head to Toe breakdown of why this look will make you look thin and sexy:

  • When it comes to earrings, the thinner the hoop the better
  • Go for neck candy that is fuss-free with a slim chain and one small pendant

The Dress:

  • The Shoulder Strap is great because it’s not too wide, which can possibly make you look a bit Linebacker-esque, and not too thin which can dig into your skin
  • An open neckline is always your best friend as it exposes your beautiful decollete (a thin point for many women)
  • Flowy fabrics work in your favor and hang nicely rather than tight spandex that shows every lump and bump
  • A draped Grecian style dress is the ultimate skinny style tip: the gathering of the fabric over your tummy will hide your pooch if you have had one too many hors d’oeuvres
  • A freshly waxed bare leg with the perfect amount of dry oil looks sexy and clean
  • Nude shoes make your bare legs look longer and leaner
  • BODY BONUS: A tummy flattening thong offers you the satisfaction of a panty-line-free controlled foundation

Good Bad Girl

Wearing black can be a blessing or a curse. Choose to bless yourself by selecting black pieces in different textures of velvet, stretch cotton, and embellished sequins that are all smooth and bulk free. The monochromatic look of black from head to toe gives you an overall leaner sexy push like no other.

  • Pair your deep v-neck velvet blazer over a scoop neck tee to create a longer upper torso. If you have a little pooch, keep the jacket opened to conceal any rolls or bulging.
  • Go for a long necklace that creates a supermodel neck
  • A slim stretch black pencil skirt hugs your hips and sucks in your gut with a fitted bandage waistband
  • I live by this rule and just may get it engraved on my tombstone: black opaque tights paired with pointy toe black pumps make your legs look as long and fit as Naomi Campbell on a fabulous runway in Milan.
  • BODY BONUS: Go for these tights by Spanx, every woman’s style savior. Your tummy becomes as flat as a flapjack and your waist is whittled in. The results are so dynamic, you will feel like you have instantly had a little holiday lipo.

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