Slippers instead of stilettos? How to dress for a New Year's Eve at home

by Stacy Cox

If Dick Clark, a bowl of popcorn and, perhaps, a glass of celebratory champagne, are your dates for New Year’s Eve, this one’s for you…


As teenagers, we can’t wait for New Year’s Eve. Shades of the movie Superbad, we try (and fail) to purchase alcohol with our fake IDs. In our twenties, we spend a fortune buying a cute dress, paying for admission to a trendy club and getting our hair, nails and makeup professionally done. It’s a lot of work, but worth it to kiss our crush at midnight.

In our early thirties, it’s the same scenario as in our twenties, but now we are starting not to care and, note to self, the hangover isn’t as easy to bounce back from the next day. In our mid-thirties, we start to echo the mantra our mothers have always said, “New Year’s Eve is overrated!” Uh oh, red flag, we’re starting to sound like our mothers.

Closing in on forty, the notion of a New Year’s Eve spent playing Scrabble in comfy loungewear, snacking on almonds and carrot sticks, and watching the ball drop sounds like a recipe for one fabulous New Year’s Eve spent at home in serene peace! We sit back for a moment and wonder where the party girl went … she grew up, mellowed out, and in doing so, opted to trade in the blistered, sore feet, hoarse voice, dry cleaning bill and hangover for an evening of cozy simplicity and a good night’s sleep.

However, being a fashionista through and through, I can’t allow you to “convalesce” in your college sweatpants and ex-boyfriend’s old t-shirt. Leave your sequins in the closet, ditch the nightshirt from Prince’s last concert tour and hang up your Louboutins just for tonight, because every so often, it’s chic to be geek (and I mean that in a good way!) Happy New Year’s Eve StyleBakery readers!

This whole outfit is super comfy and cute without coming across as if you’re trying too hard. The mouse slippers and devil horns headband add a dash of personality that no New Year’s Eve outfit, whether you head out or stay in, should lack! And no homebound celebration would be complete without a game of Scrabble to play with your honey or your best girlfriend.

New Year’s Eve 2011 Pajama Party! Things to remember: gourmet hot chocolate, reader glasses, a journal to jot down your New Year’s resolutions, fabulous PJs or a fabulous “snuggie” (i.e. the Camp Blanket Booty Buddy which is nothing short of awesome!) Stake out your favorite chair in your home and it will be the perfect party for one.

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