Stadium style: how to dress for ball games, concerts and outdoor events

by Stacy Cox

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” Pearls of wisdom courtesy of Paris Hilton.


It’s not often you’ll catch me quoting Ms. Hilton, but I dropped the ball (pun intended) on this advice last week while attending a Dodger game with my better half. I was wearing a Tucker silk blouse, a poor choice because the game started at 7PM. So it was still 90 degrees outside and I ended up with sweat stains under my arms and a guaranteed trip to the dry cleaners. Then, by the 7th inning stretch, I was freezing. I didn’t bring a sweater or lightweight jacket or even a lap blanket as the temperatures cooled down. I forgot to toss a few hair accessories in my purse so my tresses looked confused from the humidity and I couldn’t inconspicuously knot my hair up to conceal this. Cue the run-in with my ex when I dashed to the ladies room to try to figure out how to salvage myself. That was the cherry on top, can you say awkward? And by the way, what are the odd on that priceless bit of bad luck? By the time we were walking back to the car, (note to self: don’t wear platform anything to a large venue unless you have preferred parking) I not only looked boring, I also looked cranky, tired and as far from cute as possible. Paris would have been aghast.

The moral? Have a plan anytime you attend a ball game, concert or any major outdoor event so you can preserve your look or better yet embellish and build on it as day turns into night, as warm temps turn to cooler ones… you get the picture!

The key to dressing for day to evening or hot temperatures to cool temperatures is to choose comfortable items with ventilation. Loose fitting cargo pants are the perfect alternative to shorts which will leave you freezing in the evening, and denim which will feel too warm during the day. Cotton tanks and tees work well as transitional pieces you can layer a cute jacket over as the day wears on. A comfortable pair of flats are a safe bet and offer up more style then a typical tennis shoe and more comfort then platforms and heels. If you don’t want to carry your jacket, try to select an easy wear fabric that you ball up and toss in a tote bag.

Whether outside at a sporting event or concert, these are some great essentials to carry along in the event you are wilting in the heat. Top on my list is the Olay SPF and the First Aid Beauty Defense Kit if you forget to apply your SPF. And I love the wink the steel water bottle offers us to “Hydrate Responsibly!” Last thing I treasure is a trusted deodorant. It often makes the difference between feeling “blah” and “rockin!”.

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