Stretch Your Wardrobe, Wear One Item Three Ways

By Daisy Lewellyn

Experiencing closet freeze? Open the doors on Monday, nothing to wear. Open the doors on Wednesday, and still, nothing to wear. Trust me, we have all been there. Time to reinvent the wheel and take a fresh look at your closet. Take inspiration from us as we show you how to wear the same item three completely different ways. You won’t be charged by the Fashion Police for being a Repeat Offender, you’re simply being economically chic and getting the most from what you own.

Join us as we debut a leading character in three different scenes: the Ann Taylor Plaid Dress. Who knew plaid could be so flattering and secretly sexy? The key to this is the vertical pattern on the bottom, and inverted pattern on the bust that gives the illusion of a teeny tiny waist and va va voom hourglass shape. Even the most standout items like this plaid dress can effortlessly play day, 9-to-5 and rock star roles.

Scene 1: Chic Saturday in the City

The classic black & white canvas is the perfect base for all things color! Layer your sweet cami underneath, and toss on your lemon yellow cardigan. If you’re feeling super preppy, and in climate appropriate weather, why not tie it over your shoulders? Toss on your favorite black patent flats, grab your eco friendly tote, and hit the city for errands. Saturdays in the City never seemed so chic!

Scene 2: Workin’ 9 to 5

Don’t you just love the old classic film 9 to 5, starring my fave gal Dolly Parton???!!! Her waist was unbelievable!!! Well we’ve created our own rendition of the Dolly Look and given her an updated style for the modern career gal, with power blouse layered underneath, cinched waist, and comfy power pumps in tow. Every working woman needs a ladylike bag that screams I mean business (even if it is under 60 bucks).

Scene 3: Rock Star Album Launch Party

So maybe you don’t know any rock stars and have never set foot near an official album listening party, but you can still dress the part! This tartan number can play her alter ego, Lola, along with a cool leather bomber and vintage graphic tee. Step into the bad side with sexy booties.

  • Rene Lewellyn

    Wow, I like all three. Can’t decide which one I would want to rock first!

    Thanks Daisy. Your suggestions always spark my inner fashionista.

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