Summer jammie jam: comfy chic warm weather sleepwear

“Rock Out” In Coordinated Sets & Loungewear

by Stacy Cox


Are you guilty as charged for wearing your favorite mix-n-match pajama set as you sip your morning coffee and read this? You know something, it’s amazing how pulled together you feel when you ditch the plaid boxers with the Greek letters sewn on the butt and the concert tee with it’s stretched neck and ever evolving hole under the arm, and splurge on a chic pair of cotton pajamas or a cute floral sleep romper. In truth, I can’t throw stones at glass houses because I once was that gal I describe above with the tattered boxers and concert tee. Thus, I am one of you, fellow creatures of comfort! Old habits and comfy holey shirts die hard. So hard in fact, that it took my mother nabbing my 1984 Prince Purple Rain concert tee (you know the one that pictures him on his purple motorcycle from the movie poster?) while I was away on a fun little all inclusive vacation and dumping it in the garbage. Her goal was to be certain I would never wear that piece of material in front of another human being ever again. After the initial surge of resentment faded, I decided to take my mom’s advice and upgrade my sleepytime attire. And you know what? I’ve never looked back.

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