Summer style: brighten your outlook

Looking for a cure for the mid-summer blues? Look no further than this season’s palette of ultra bright hues to help put a positive spin on your day. It’s well known that color can dramatically affect your mood, feelings and emotions; yellow and other bright colors can help create energy and happiness.

Of course, black is eternally chic and brown is mellow and comforting, but there’s nothing like the power of wearing a vibrant color to help start your day with a brighter outlook. So slip on a bold orange dress, some turquoise jewelry, paint on a lemon yellow nail polish or experiment with a fuchsia lipstick and smile big — your mid-summer blues are suddenly a brighter shade of aqua.


Just as your clothes can influence your mood, so too can your smile. A healthy, confident mouth and a big, bright smile not only makes you feel more positive and happy, but also elevates the mood of everyone you meet.

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