Summer to fall transition solutions

In the last weeks of summer and the first few weeks of fall, even the most style-savvy woman can have trouble getting dressed in the morning. Too cool for sundresses but too warm for woolly layers, the key to transitional dressing is to add fall touches to your summer clothes. Here, we take an all-season shift dress and a pair of cropped pants and prep them for the tricky in-between season.

The all-season shift dress is your wardrobe’s best friend. In warm weather, all it takes is a pair of strappy sandals to create a chic look. As the weather cools, layer on a blazer, jacket or cardigan and a pair of pumps to transition to fall. As winter nears, a pair of tights will help you get even more mileage out of your dress.


No need to retire your cropped pants as summer comes to a close, just pair them with lightweight sweaters and crisp button down shirts as the weather gets cooler. Pumps take the place of summer sandals for a look that’s perfect for early fall.

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