Surgery-Free Slimming Tips

by Daisy Lewellyn

Lumps, bumps, bulges, and arm-age (excess arm fat) cramping your style? When you wave goodbye, is there an extra batwing skin sleeve attached to your arm? Have you ever stood in the mirror and pulled back your pooch or just tightened your inner thighs to see how you “could” look? Ok, so maybe that is just me, but I think we’ve all pondered the idea of getting a little nip & tuck at one point or another. But oh, the expense! And, yikes, the pain! Instead, save yourself the agony and expense with these surgery-free slimming ideas for your everyday style:

Tummy Tuck-alicious

Average Savings: $7500

Who told you that you only deserved to appear svelte and shapely on black tie nights and red carpet days? No no no, my sweet. The time has come to smooth out the tummy in even the most casual outfit, thanks to slimming shapewear and a tummy tuck in a bottle (engineered to instantly tighten and help trim the ab area in 8 weeks with fat-blasting fig extract, neuropeptides and natural protein microfibers).

Spring is all about breaking out the old, and celebrating the new. Pull out the classic khakis, roll them at the hem and dress them up with pretty feminine colors and details.

Girls, Take A Stand

Average Savings: $4500

Dress down your go-to party dress for daytime, and push up and enhance the “girls” with this killer combo of the Level 5 (meaning: fellas pick your jaws up from the ground!) Victoria’s Secret Miracle push up bra and Rodial Boob Job in a bottle (which claims to actually increase cup size!) Smile as you look juicy in this Spring’s bright citrus color trend with your new shape that will never go out of style.

Lovin’ Lipo:

Average Savings (for Tummy, Hips, Thighs, & Bum): $14,000

For all-over slimming, skip the real thing and opt for Lipo in a Box, a mind-blowing shaper that instantly gives you a flat tummy, tight bum, smooth thighs and perfect hips. Add a daily slimming and anti-cellulite gel, and you’ve got one rockin’ bod.

Toss on a fabulous floral frock, colorful posh accessories that scream luxe, but really whisper bargain, bargain, bargain. Do your spring cleaning and toss out negative body bashing and choose to always wear joy!

  • Rene


    You have done it again. Love, Love, Love the orange dress and the great strappy sandals…oh, I’ll take the Miracle Bra too!!! Can’t wait for summer!

  • Beth

    Great outfits and accessories! Another inexpensive alternative to a tummy tuck is the Yummie Tummie Slimming Tank. It is shapewear you can show off — the top is like a regular, high quality tank top – and so is the bottom (it can be worn tucked in or untucked for a great layered look). The mid-section however is a patented slimming, smoothing material that takes pounds off and eliminates the dreaded muffin top as well as other mid section bumps and bulges.
    Shop for the Yummie Tummie as well as other great, affordable & chic accessories. Enter Coupon Code BAKERY15 and take 15% off your order through April 15th!

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