Swim Lessons: Perfect Swimsuits For Every Body (Part 1: Pear Shapes and Tummy Trimmers)

Even if the mere thought of slipping on a swimsuit sends shivers up your spine, we’ve found the most flattering styles for your shape.

Pear Shapes (Bottom Heavy)

Look For:

Swimsuits that draw attention upwards with interesting details and patterns above the waist. To balance your proportions, choose a solid bottom and a patterned top.

Mini-skirted bikini bottoms are made just for you! Skip the super frilly ones and choose a skimming, smooth skirt that covers just what you need it to.
Opt for a bikini bottom that has slightly wider sides, skip the string side-tie versions that only draw unwanted attention.
Play up your bust and shoulders to deemphasize your bottom.

Avoid: Boy shorts, skimpy bottoms, low cut bottoms or lots of ruffles and details at the hips.


Look For:
Swimsuits with a little extra Lycra woven into the tummy area, they work wonders!
A one-piece with ruching or draping around the waist or hips can also help to conceal a “muffin” top.
If you’re going for a two-piece swimsuit, then opt for a loose fitting tankini where top and bottom meet at the waist. They cover just enough, but you still have the freedom and chic factor of a bikini.
High waisted bikini bottoms can help trim tummies
Avoid: Teeny bikinis and short tankini tops that ride up and expose belly rolls

  • http://www.laphalene.com Phalene

    Yurk, no! What is it about big hipped girls that means they need to put us in a little skirt? It’s like putting a wide horizontal stripe on something you think is already too wide, and it tends to look like a granny-suit.

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