The Real Dirt On Flip Flops (Ewwww) + Stylish Flip Flop Alternatives

Last year, we reported that flip flops can be bad for your feet, now there are reports that they can actually be bad for your health. New studies reveal that thousands of gross and even deadly bacteria may be lurking at this very moment on your favorite flip flops. Ew. If that isn’t enough to make you think twice about slipping on your summer favorites, we don’t know what is.

flipflopscarrygerms.jpgWhat to do about it? You can clean your feet and flip flops with alcohol or antibacterial wash at the end of the day and avoid touching your feet or wearing them around your home. Or, you can opt for a summer shoe that offers a bit more coverage and protection from the grimy stuff on city streets. Here are some stylish alternatives to your beloved flip flops and bare sandals:

  • Char

    That’s ridiculous! There are always millions of bacteria on your feet anyway. If you think flip flops are bad, which do not trap sweat and heat, think about your running shoes or any other closed shoe. These trap and absorb sweat and heat, the perfect moist environment for bacteria to grow in. Think about which smells worse….

  • Claire

    Here is a great alternative to flip flops. This cute show my OTBT is so comfy. Check it out at Goldyn:

  • fJt

    Flip flops in general, are ugly and inappropriate for public wear, unless you’re at the beach. There are exceptions, but the only time I wear mine is when I’m washing my car.

  • Lisette

    This “article” doesn’t note any real sources or validity. WHY exactly are flat strappy sandals any better than flip flops? You shouldn’t claim “thousand of gross and even deadly bacteria” are in them without stating a source. This looked like an interesting piece before I read it :(

    • StyleBakery

      Lisette, there is a link to the NY Daily News article in this post which spawned articles in the NY Times, on the Today Show and more – all about the filthy bacteria picked up from daily wear of flip flops. No testing was done using the alternatives shown here, but it stands to reason if you leave your foot less exposed to the dirt and grime on the streets, you have less of a chance to pick up bacteria.

  • A L

    So according to the article, how many people died from wearing flip flops?

    I’m going to guess zero.

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