The Secret of Effortless Chic Dressing, Part 1

by Daisy Lewellyn

Imagine looking like you’ve spent hours with a personal stylist or full on glam squad, when truthfully your total look took just a few seconds to assemble. This is the secret behind Effortless Dressing, an idea I adopted after realizing that my demanding social calendar, personal life, career and family all but abandoned the concept of advanced notice. With priorities seeming to pop up the last minute, I had to make some serious modifications to my prep time.

Effortless Dressing has saved me from headaches galore. I am now able to choose the absolutely perfect piece that offers instant style, in just that, an instant. This alternative way of getting dressed comes in handy when juggling work, holidays, dates, children.. the list really goes on. How do you achieve this wardrobe nirvana? Read on for solutions to specific style situations that we seem to find ourselves in more often than not – the only difference is that you now have a cheat sheet for finding the effortlessly chic way out. The result is some precious spare time, and best of all, a fuss free blissful ending.

It’s Saturday, you have tons of errands to run, and the car is being serviced.

Style Solution: Save gas money and get your cardio in casually with the classic riding boot. This all time fave has debuted once again this Fall as a lovely alternative to the sneaker. Comfort should not mean sacrificing style. I like to add Dr Scholl’s shoe cushions in my boots for extra padding. Pound the pavement, in a polished new way…one chic step at a time.

Your sweetie has just phoned as you are driving home. He wants you to join him for the tree lighting ceremony downtown. Oh, this sounds too romantic to pass up.

Style Solution: Bust an immediate U-turn and transform yourself in the car honey! Toss on an extra coat of gloss and mascara, and cinch your favorite fall coat or chunky sweater with a fashion forward belt. There is nothing worse than trying to look cute while freezing or being super warm, and looking like the Michelin Man. With this pulled together look, you can fashionably sip apple cider under the lights and create a sparkle in your bf’s eye. I especially enjoy belts with fanciful unexpected detailing.

You are in a blah mood, everything feels bland and boring, even your favorite herbal specialized tea blend seems…blah blah blah.

Style Solution: For an instant pick me up, go for solid jewel tones. These will change your mood and give you a bright and shiny day. This is actually a celebrity insider trick, solid bold jewel tones make everyone look like a million bucks. Redheads look great in emeralds, blonds in cobalt blues and magentas, and brunettes in fiery paprikas and saffrons.

want more? check out Part 2 for more Effortless Chic style solutions

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