Top 25 most fattening clothing items + 5 universally flattering pieces

Are your clothes making you fat? Style guru and author of How to Never Look Fat Again, Charla Krupp, thinks so. In fact, Charla says that you can look thinner by tonight, without starving, exercising, or doing anything crazy, if you stop wearing things that make you look heavier than you actually are. In her new book, Charla urges women to steer clear of high fat clothes, starting with these 25 most fattening pieces:

The 25 Most Fattening Things You Can Wear


1. Frilly mini skirt

2. Overalls

3. Ballet flats

4. Gladiator sandals

5. Baby doll dress

6. Muumuu

7. Cargo pants

8. Capri pants

9. White pants

10. Mom jeans

11. Hot pants

12. Shorts of any kind

13. Bikini or tankini

14. Bustier

15. Turtleneck sweater

16. Patterned stockings

17. Sweat shirts

18. Peasant skirts

19. Sweat pants

20. Elastic pants of any kind

21. Acid wash jeans

22. Clunky white sneakers

23. Ankle strap shoes

24. Granny pants

25. Shoulder pads

If you’re like us, you may not be ready to part with your white jeans or ballet flats, fattening or not. The good news is, Charla recommends adding these universally flattering pieces to your wardrobe to help you look fit, not fat, in an instant:

Top 5 No-Fat Flattering Pieces

1. High-waist opaque tights and shapers (not waist level)

2. A chic three-quarter sleeve cardigan (helps cover arm flab)

3. High heels that match your tights (or skin tone)

4. V Neck tops (to show skin in a flattering way)

5. Monotone clothes (skirt and top both same color to not break up the line)


For more tips and over 1,000 ways to dress thinner without dieting, check out Charla Krupp’s new book: How to Never Look Fat Again.  

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