Trend Spotlight: Infinity Scarves (and Other Chic and Cozy Scarves)

The biggest news in warming neckwear this season is the infinity (or circle, tube or eternity) scarf. A single circle of knit goodness, it can be looped once or multiple times for a cozy and chic look.


Also warming necks and hearts are traditional chunky knit scarves adorned with fringe and pom poms as well as new hooded scarves. Here are some of our favorites this season:

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  1. bellechic27
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 13:40:18

    I LOVE the idea of infinity scarves!! Its brilliant that you don’t need to worry about the scarf slowly inching one way or another. Instead you put the infinity scarf on and you’re good to go for the day or night! This is one of my faves right now:


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