Valentine's Day Style: Dress for a Date With the Family Pooch

by Daisy Lewellyn

No need to text a sad face if you don’t have a husband or a steady this Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate with absolutely anyone that you adore and love, including a girl’s best friend, her pooch. We are spreading the love with a full calendar filled with 5 days of dates and 5 days of style.


Puppy Love:

You have the pup’s picture on your phone, computer screen, and have tons of pet names for her. So why not march to the beat of your own drum in this chic military cardigan and playful full skirt and take your pooch out on the town. Wear your love for her with a heart tee, doggie ring, and plenty of smiles. Go for a visit to the pet store for a special treat like doggie royalty bowls or a pretty little jeweled number perfect for her petite frame.

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