Wardrobe Redux: The Chambray Shirt

by Stacy Cox

Funny story (well it’s funny now, but not so much when I was a freshman at UC Irvine)…

It was the fall of 1991 and I was college bound and so excited to leave the nest for the first time! I took all of my worldly possessions with me, including one brand spankin’ new Gap chambray blouse. I was going to wear it with jeans, skirts and leggings – I intended to be the envy of all. That’s when I ran into a substantial stumbling block: my freshman college roommate, Ms. Psycho-Girl-From-Hell. And promptly, my new chambray shirt disappeared.

You can imagine the distress I endured, the sleepless nights, the “missing” posters I nailed to bulletin boards… I guess I have always been a tad over the top, huh? Ultimately, she returned the shirt to me unharmed, so the story has a happy ending. (Ironically, she is now a criminal defense attorney!)

I haven’t owned a chambray shirt since, however, my urge to splurge on a new one is back and it’s going to make a great staple in my wardrobe once again. Here are a few examples of the many ways to incorporate this classic into your closet:

The chambray shirt goes to work

The coolest aspect of the chambray shirt is its versatilithy. It’s perfect for giving you a polished look as much as it’s ideal to pair with jean shorts.

The chambray shirt goes casual chic

Weekend casual with just a touch of preppy flair in the details.

Chambray chic

So pretty to pair a tailored chambray blouse with an evening skirt. The contrast in styles is what is so striking. And the suede platform pumps and cocktail ring are fabulously glamourous.

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  1. bellechic27
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 14:18:06

    I love the idea of a chambray shirt! I think its a classic piece every girl should own :)


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