Editors picks: Style predictions for 2014

From oversized silhouettes to bright yellow and pretty pastels, here’s what our editors are looking forward to wearing in 2014.

“I’m looking forward to more companies turning to ethically-produced wares including eco-conscious materials and production, fair wages for employees, etc. Stylewise, we’ll be seeing roomier silhouettes and plenty of sportswear-inspired fashions in 2014.” —Jennifer Davidson

“2014 will bring a lot of prints and embellishments and I am looking forward to being reminded of the sun with a splash of the color yellow!” —Beth Herbst

“I predict that style in 2014 will head in a minimalist direction. The piles of jewelry, stacks of bangles, mixing of prints and other bold trends made 2013 an exciting year for fashion, but I think that in 2014 we’re going to see a simpler, more elegant look become popular.” —Anna Rice

“2014 is throwing us a curve ball. After seasons—years—of sleek, body-conscious designs, volume seems to be on the horizon for the new year. Longer, fuller hemlines and wide pant legs appear to be replacing the slim silhouettes we’ve become so accustomed to.” —Courtney Strimel

“Standout collars popping up everywhere, relaxed Bermuda shorts finding favor when the weather heats back up, vests becoming acceptable outwear options and boxier silhouettes being substituted for more form-fitting looks.” —Morgan Schimminger

“Color will continue to reign supreme, ditch the greys and blacks and other neutrals and colorblock to your heart’s delight.” —Bronwyn Berger-Hughes

“In 2014, you’ll see less of the peplum silhouettes and more of a boxy look when it comes to tops, sweaters and dresses. We’re also seeing less of the skinny pants and more of the wide-leg trousers and midi-length skirts. I’m really looking forward to the pretty pastels that are on trend for the upcoming spring season.” —Christine Fox

“I loved all the pastels seen on FW runways, and I think they’ll emerge and bring some much-needed levity and simple femininity to everyday looks. A nice way to balance our edgier sides.” —Tanya Sharma

“In 2014, I think the color is going to be yellow. This year, green played a big role in fashion choices and for some reason, I see the bright color coming in big this upcoming spring. Also, I think the trend of dresses is going to continue. 2013 saw a lot of mod dresses and I believe 2014 is going to bring ladylike 1950s-inspired outfits, most likely with big floral prints!” —Brittany Pia

“More crop tops and high-waisted everything. Lots of leather of course. And maybe overalls will take a backseat to rompers?” —Elizabeth Mitchell



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