What To Wear For A Romantic Valentine's Day Evening

By Stacy Cox

I think I am “sweetie-less” for Valentine’s Day. Darn it. How’s it looking on your end? I am hoping more prosperous and abundant than my love life. I propose a trade: fashion advice from me and dating advice from you?

Okay, me first: I dated “Ethan” last spring for 6 weeks, but he ended up “dating and dashing” due to commitment phobia, or maybe it was because I said the dreaded words “I really like you.” So, I erased him from my cell phone (buh bye) and then, poof, he calls on Christmas Day. Next up, sushi dinner followed shortly by our first vacation with his adorable dog to the mountains. Progress, right? WRONG. We had the best time: great conversation, great snowboarding, great meals… but, NO ROMANCE OF ANY KIND.

I called my best friend, cried my eyes out and wondered: are we just friends? So much for the $400 in sexy lingerie and romantic music for my iPod! Oh, and in a clever, forward thinking attempt, I asked him to be my Valentine. His response? “I don’t like Valentine’s Day!” Lovely! I can hear you all now – “Next!” I know you’re right, but we always want what we can’t have, don’t we? Thank you sweet StyleBakery readers for listening and for the free therapy. Comments? Send ’em my way.

Now, I owe you some fabulous tips and ideas so you can look hot for your special someone and celebrate in style. Wishing you a very happy, romantic Valentine’s Day, hugs and kisses ~ Stacy

Headed out for a romantic date night? Start with the perfect flirty/sexy/sweet dress and add swingy earrings, sultry heels and a fun clutch. If there ever was a time to bring out the sexy lingerie, this is it. Whether your sweetie will see it or not, it will help put you in a romantic state of mind.

Spending a romantic evening at home snuggling by the fire? Dress comfortably in touchable fabrics like cashmere lounge pants and a drapey sweater. Pair a lacey camisole and comfortable lace panties underneath for a look that is casually sexy.

  • QuiteLight

    I know it hurts. Been there. Just keep away, and keep asking yourself this;

    Why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me?

    You deserve to be with someone who’s delighted to be with you, & eager for any chance you give them. I found mine, and my “ex” still can’t stand it.

  • Christine

    I have it just as bad. I met this man in 9/2007. We were just friends. But we started hanging out every Friday night. Talking on the phone every other night for 2-3 hours. I start to like him, ALOT. Get butterflies when I think of him. So in December of 2007 he goes to his homeland. He comes back. I go to his house that same weekend and he starts to kiss me. I am like, yee haw. But I see a photo of a girl that he is hugging. I asked, who is that? He said a friend. It bothered me. I finally got it out of him two nights later. They are ENGAGED. I was like, what? I don’t feel guilty because YOU KNEW you were engaged, I didn’t. So we stayed as friends, but we still fool around. We have never have actual interc…… He is supposed to get this girl out here sometime. But he seems to be putting it off. In the mean time, I have fallen in love with this man. We are going out with another couple this Valentine’s Day. My thought process is, they are engaged, not married. If I can win this mans heart, then shoot, I’m going to do my darndest!!!

  • sarah

    The way I see it is I would rather enjoy V-Day by myself than to be miserable with a man….Christine, as harsh as this may sound, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! This situation has heartbreak written all over it. Besides if in the end, you win him, what makes you think he won’t do the same to you? He has the best of both worlds and he’s gonna ride it until the wheels fall off. You’re beautiful (no I don’t have to see it to know it lol) find someone who is unattached and respects as their one and only…not some side hustle. Better yet, focus on yourself and let him find you. The world would be much better off if we would learn to respect ourselves first then demand it from those who are involved with us.

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