What to wear to work: 10 tips for a stylish work wardrobe

Whether you work in a corporate or casual office, many of us struggle with that to wear each day. This week, we found 20 perfect dresses, shoes and totes to wear to work this spring, now here are 10 tips to keep in mind when planning your 9-to-5 look:

wear-to-work-rules-300.jpg1. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You might be an intern or an assistant, but if your boss is wearing suits every day to work, following her lead will help you to be taken seriously.

2. Don’t wear anything too revealing. Too much cleavage, a slice of midriff, or a skirt up to “there” is not only distracting, but unprofessional.

3. Underpinnings should stay hidden. Keep your thong and bra straps under wraps. Choose nude undergarments and use double stick tape if necessary to keep your straps in place or to keep shirt buttons from gaping.

4. Watch those hemlines. The general rule for work is never go shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

5. Sexy is for evenings and weekends. Anything too tight or sexy should be saved for after-hours. If your dress has a plunging back or your top is too strappy, throw a jacket or cardigan over it for the office.

6. Save your flip flops for the beach and your sneakers for the gym. These too-casual shoes don’t belong at the office. Look to your coworkers before deciding whether strappy sandals are acceptable.

7. Wear one stylish piece every day. It’s great if your wardrobe consists of mostly classic trends, but be sure to add at least one updated piece to every look. A chic new accessory or a bold printed top will take the boredom out of even the most basic suit.

8. Stand out, but not too much. Experimenting with over-the-top clothing, accessories, or makeup will get you noticed, but not for the right reasons.

9. Be prepared. Stash some quick-change pieces at work and you’ll be ready for any sartorial situation. A pair of flats for days when your heels start hurting, a jacket or cardigan for sub-zero air conditioning, a little clutch for spur-of-the-moment after work drinks, etc.

10. Choose the right fabrics. For warm weather, cotton, jersey and tropical-weight wool are your best options. Linen can leave you looking like a wrinkled mess and silk will show sweat marks.

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