Your Body's Best Jeans: Big Booty

Chances are, you own more than one pair of jeans. In fact, we’re betting you own more than 5 or 10. But how many of your jeans look great on you? Whether you’ve got a butt or a belly, we’re here to help find the most flattering pair of this season’s hottest jeans for every budget in this special two week series.

If you have an ample rear…

You want jeans that minimize the appearance of your tush

Look for:

  • Contoured jeans with a fitted waist that are a bit roomier in the hips and seat
  • Jeans with just a hint of stretch that have a snug fit on rear, hips and thighs
  • Styles that are higher in the back so you stay covered when you sit
  • Boot cut or straight legs will help balance out proportions
  • Darker washes or rinses which tend to be slimming


  • Patch or flap pockets which only add bulk
  • Pockets that are too small or placed too far apart in the rear
  • Skinny tapered jeans will enhance your rear
  • Loose or baggy fits


  • A slim boot cut jean in a dark wash is your ideal pair

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