Your Body's Best Jeans: Flat Booty

Chances are, you own more than one pair of jeans. In fact, we’re betting you own more than 5 or 10. But how many of your jeans look great on you? Whether you’ve got a butt or a belly, we’re here to help find the most flattering pair of this season’s hottest jeans for every budget in this special two week series.

If you have a flat rear…

You want jeans that make the most of the curves you have and enhance the appearance of your tush

Look for:

  • Skinny or tapered jeans
  • Details on the rear like patch or flap pockets
  • Lower rises


  • Boyfriend or baggy jeans will make your butt disappear
  • Stiff or heavy denim which can further flatten your rear


  • Wear heels to help push out your tush
  • Emily Smith

    Hi, not to be rude but what part of “every budget” do a pair of 200 something dollar jeans fall into? I just got out of college and I can tell you entry level jobs don’t afford true religion jeans. I wish that you could include clothes I could actually buy on jean buying guides.

    Emily Smith
    Charleston, SC

  • Anna Kay

    Hey Emily – Not everyone has to cater to you. As you can see, the blogger included a pair of $39 jeans, as well as TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE APPROPRIATELY FLATTERING JEANS. How about you use your brain and apply the tips given on your next shopping trip. I’m positive that you can find skinny/tapered jeans with a lower rise and detailed pockets at almost any price point, but since YOU’RE the one with the limited budget, it is YOUR responsibility to seek them out.

    An Irate First-time Reader
    Charlottem NC

  • Amy

    Wow those TR jeans are soo nice.
    Too bad I can’t afford them…maybe one day! *covets*

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