Your Body's Best Jeans: Pear Shape

Chances are, you own more than one pair of jeans. In fact, we’re betting you own more than 5 or 10. But how many of your jeans look great on you? Whether you’ve got a butt or a belly, we’re here to help find the most flattering pair of this season’s hottest jeans for every budget in this special two week series.


If you have a pear or hourglass shape (wider hips, small waist)…

You want jeans that fit your hips, thighs and rear well without gaping at the waist

Look for:

  • Lower rise jeans hit at your hips and help prevent gaps at the waist
  • Contoured waistbands accommodate a smaller waist
  • Boot cuts, trousers and flared styles help balance out proportions


  • Ultra skinny jeans with tapered ankles (unless you tuck them into boots)


  • If you can’t find jeans that fit your hips and waist, then look for a pair that fits your hips and rear and have the waist taken in by a tailor
  • Try the flat, clear, buckle-less belt from Invisibelt to cinch your waist without the bulk
  • Jenava

    Seriously? You’re recommending low rise for people with a booty? Nothing like a low-rise jean on a curvy girl to get a nice muffin top! Not exacly a look I’m going for.

    I look for jeans with a rise of at least 8 inches in the front so it clears the curve of my hip and prevents muffin top. Also, Cinching a too-big waist with a belt will just make it pucker. If your jeans gape at the waist but fit in every other way just take them to the cleaners or your local tailor and HAVE THEM TAKEN IN. Seriously. Why are people so afraid to get their clothes tailored in order to fit properly? It costs less than $10 in most cases.

  • Lauren

    Just because a woman is ‘curvy’ doesn’t mean she’ll have a muffin top in low-rise jeans, or even a belly at all. I have a small waist, wide hips and a big bum, but I’m skinny everywhere else and I still consider myself curvy/pear-shaped.

  • linds.saurus

    I have a pear shape and low rise is the best for me. and no i DONT have a muffin top, just wide hips.

  • Kristen

    I have a very small waist but have to wear a size 10 pants to fit my thighs. I came here looking for help on a pair of jeans that would not have such a large gap in the back of the waist and I see these photos of your example models and am totally insulted. I know I do not have the ideal body shape and am looking for help and to have an images like those that you seem to think are pear shaped and should be comparable to me is quite offensive.

    • StyleBakery

      Hi Kristen, we totally agree with you – the models shown here can hardly be considered a size 10. Of course, most of the models used in magazines and to display clothes for retailers clothing companies are typically not representative of the average woman’s figure. Despite the thin models shown in the photos here, these are great options for pear shaped women of all sizes. So, ignore the size 2 women shown here and give them a try!

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