Your Body's Best Jeans: Straight Figure

Chances are, you own more than one pair of jeans. In fact, we’re betting you own more than 5 or 10. But how many of your jeans look great on you? Whether you’ve got a butt or a belly, we’re here to help find the most flattering pair of this season’s hottest jeans for every budget in this special two week series.

If you have a straight or boyish figure (no waist)…

You want jeans that create curves

Look for:

  • Jeans that sit on your hips
  • Slimmer fits with straight across waistbands
  • Strategic whiskering and details to enhance hips


  • Contoured waistbands
  • Low-rise jeans which can create unflattering spillage


  • Belts can help create a waist
  • Avoid tucking slim fitting tees and tanks into your jeans which will just accentuate a straight figure

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