Your Body's Best Jeans: Tummy

Chances are, you own more than one pair of jeans. In fact, we’re betting you own more than 5 or 10. But how many of your jeans look great on you? Whether you’ve got a butt or a belly, we’re here to help find the most flattering pair of this season’s hottest jeans for every budget in this special two week series.


If you have a tummy…

You want to watch out for the dreaded “muffin top” – the bit of spillage that occurs over your waistband. Instead, look for styles that offer subtle control where you need it.

Look for:

  • A medium rise that hits just below your belly button, this will help “contain” your tummy
  • Denim with stretch
  • Trouser cuts with wide waistbands can help suck you in


  • Tight low rise styles that dig in to your tummy and create spillage
  • Front patch or flap pockets or trouser pockets that might bulge
  • Pleats!

Tip: Wear a longer length torso trimming tank, like those from Yummie Tummie, tucked into your jeans to feel confident that everything is being sucked in. (more tips for apple shapes here)

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