Throw back & catch: 80s and 90s trend redux

by Stacy Cox

I can remember the first day of 7th grade like it was yesterday, at least from a fashion standpoint. I had on my new perfectly stark white Keds paired with huge, thick white slouchy socks and I had an extra pair of shoulder pads in my blazer on top of the ones that came with the jacket. I had on my Guess Jeans overalls with the bib folded down. I was attempting to cram in as many popular fashion trends from the 80s as I could by building them all into a single outfit.

In the 90s, I was part of the Rhythm Nation (hi Janet, huge fan) and loved my hoop earrings with keys dangling from them. I sported my military jacket and baseball cap with pride. For a brief period later on, I was a young executive working my way up the corporate ladder, so I wore lots of what I considered “power suits” from INC’s early collections.

Thus, it’s been utterly amusing to walk down memory lane this spring and summer while observing fashion’s boomerang effect as these classics from 20 and 30 years ago return for a second life. Here are just a few of the trends from the 80s and 90s returning for a fashion “do-over” decades later.

concert tees

leggings with zippers

cross body bags


dangling earrings

shoulder pads



military jackets

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