To romp or not to romp? Our skeptical look at the romper trend

by StyleBakery’s Romper Cynic, Stacy Cox

Romper (noun): A shapeless piece of fabric, usually colorful in hue, that adorns the bodies of celebrities such as Beyonce, Nikki Hilton and Jessica Alba, and looks ridiculous on me each and every time I attempt to rock one.

Thank you for taking a moment to digest my witty sarcasm, but now we must get to work. Rompers can’t be all bad, can they? Every other spring/summer the trend resurface as a must-have fashion statement, and every other spring/summer I cautiously consider purchasing one. But so far, none have made it out of the store and into my closet. However, this time I have a plan to ease into the look: I am going to break up the romper with a cute unstructured blazer to help me enhance my proportions, creating a flattering silhouette. Well, that’s my “MacGuyva” plan of action. If I survived the MC Hammer pants craze of last summer, I have to believe this is the year to rock and romp!


Some of this season’s most promising short rompers:



Some capri length rompers (otherwise known as jumpsuits):


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