Top 10 Trends For Fall 2008: Full Skirts

fullskirts.jpgSummer’s full skirt trend continues into fall. Wear these voluminous beauties with tucked in blouses, ladylike cardigans, and fitted tweed jackets.

Here are some favorite full skirt styles:

  • Topnotchimageconsulting

    Be cautious when choosing the length of this style skirt to wear with your own individual body type as it will greatly determine how well you look in this fashion. This look can make the behind look wider if not worn correctly. However, if worn correctly you can slim the look of the backside. Choose a skirt that is somewhat fitted in the waist to hip bone area, look for a skirt that does not puff out at an angle but instead rests on the hips and thighs with the swing around the knee area. I would also advise those of you with long skinny legs not to wear this style too short as it will look like you are wearing a tutu. Other than those notes, as you look in the full-length mirror, try swaying your hips to see if you like the look of you walking in the skirt. Then if possible, sit in the skirt to see if you like how the pleats puff out in the front. I often don’t end up wearing a garment because I don’t like how it looks when I am seated.

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