Top 10 Trends For Fall 2008: Plaids & Tweeds

plaid.jpgAn extension of this season’s “borrowed from the boys” trend, masculine plaids and tweeds mixed with feminine silhouettes are a chic way to get dressed.

Here are some of our favorite plaid pieces:

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    In my honest fashion opinion, tweed never goes out of style. I am particularly fond of the classic herringbone pattern for tweeds. I also liked the fashions I saw several years ago where the tweed strayed from the usual black and white and instead was of various shades of the same color such as greens and pinks. Colored tweed fabric seems to add unique visual and textural elements. Muted plaids of dark colors remain subtle and classic whereas the bold red or white contrast go in and out of style unless you are into the rockabilly fashions, western styles or kilts. Forever now many men continue to wear any plaid flannel style as both a shirt and pajamas. However, for the rest of us, one or two bright-red plaid pieces should be more than enough for anyone’s wardrobe.

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    After careful review of the displayed plaid and tweed fashions, I feel the least trendy garments that you will still like next year or perhaps forever, would be the casual Guess jacket of dark colors in a muted-plaid with a comfortable hood and the classic tweed blazer by Banana Republic. The vintage-style collar of the very fashionable Banana Republic tweed blazer is the perfect compliment for a colorful scarf made of a soft silk.

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