Trend Spotlight: '80s Revival

Most of us who lived through the ’80s would rather forget the decade of big hair, big shoulder pads and all-around bad style. Well, don’t look now, many of those fashion don’ts are making a comeback – whether you like it or not. Here’s a rundown of some trends on the horizon that should come with a warning label: Wear At Your Own Risk:



Whether it’s called Ice Wash, Mineral Wash or Acid Wash, this embarrassing ’80s denim trend is back on fashion’s radar. Wear if you dare, or wait until this trend fades into oblivion, hopefully never to return again.

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Ripped Jeans

Celebrities like Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba have been seen recently sporting expertly ripped boyfriend jeans. Denim designers like Current/Elliott and 7 For All Mankind have ripped styles for $200 and up. Our advice? Find an old pair of jeans in your closet and add a few strategic holes yourself – this way, you won’t be upset when the trend disappears by next season.

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Harem Pants

Comfy, yes. Flattering, no. Bordering on ridiculous, possibly. The style that MC Hammer made popular is making a comeback for spring. Unless you want to add inches to your thighs, leave this trend on the rack.

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No doubt intended to simplify dressing by combining your top and bottom, the one-piece jumpsuit is far from a get-dressed no-brainer. Unless you’re a model or a risk-taking fashionista, it’s hard to look good in a jumpsuit. Skip this one-piece revival and opt for the ease of a dress instead.

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Boyfriend Jacket

Finally, an ’80s trend we can embrace! Long boxy jackets (thankfully, without the big shoulder pads) are this season’s newest silhouette. Whether you dig up an old jacket from your closet or invest in a new one, push up your sleeves and wear yours with skinny pants until the trend is passé once again.

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