Trend spotlight: not your grandmother's crochet

by Stacy Cox

Crochet couture is gaining momentum rapidly. An art form I once thought was limited to my winter scarves and hats custom crocheted by my Grandma Sylvia, has recently jumped light years ahead with stylish wearable designs by Tory Burch, Elizabeth & James and French Connection. From bags to ballet flats there’s a lot to choose from to add a romantic and vintagey feel to your look.


It’s fun to acknowledge that something so many of us rolled our eyes over and were forced to wear as kids is now something considered chic. Mom, let me save you the “I told you so” – yes, you were right, Grandma’s mint green crochet scarf from 1981 is the stuff legends are made of. So Gucci, watch your back; Donatella, tread carefully; Grandma’s got her crochet hooks and she’s armed, dangerous and surprisingly stylish!

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