Try This Trend? Rolled Up Jeans

rolled up jeans on katie holmes, amanda peet, rachel bilsonThere’s a surprising new trend hitting the Hollywood and fashion scene: rolled up jeans, as seen here on Katie Holmes, Amanda Peet and Rachel Bilson. We first spotted this look in the pages of a JCrew catalog (below) and were instantly smitten. While many won’t appreciate the return of this ’80s-inspired look, we think it’s a chic way to update your jeans – when done right, of course.

Here are some tips for creating the rolled-up jeans look:

1. Rolling (or cuffing) your jeans shortens the appearance of your legs, so if you’re petite or have short legs to begin with, this trend might not be right for you.

2. Tightly cuffing boyfriend style jeans (as seen on Katie Holmes) should only be attempted by tall, thin women. I’m sure we don’t have to point out the obvious: baggy jeans with tapered ankles can make heavy thighs look even heavier and short legs look even shorter. Try cuffing straight leg or slim jeans instead.

3. If you’re short, pair your cuffed jeans with heels; if you’re tall, you can wear flats.

erez.jpgTIP: to keep your jeans tightly rolled, tuck a rubberband inside the roll.

What do YOU think of this trend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Jen L

    I’ve been cuffing and rolling my slim jeans for years – it’s a great way to wear jeans in warmer weather or to wear longer jeans with flats. I agree that the rolled baggier styles (pegged jeans) are pretty hard to pull off unless you’re built like a supermodel. But with slimmer jeans, I say go for it!

  • beth

    Anything katie does looks great but she has the legs to pull it off – i think the look is great but would probably make my legs looks bigger – i do love the look of a cuffed jean so i would probably stick with that

  • taylor

    Horrors! Am I the only one old enough to remember this fad from 15-20 years ago? Rolled jeans, rolled t-shirts, 2-pairs of socks w/Keds. We should let some fads die.

  • (bride.)

    I’m with Taylor all the way. Bleccccchhhhhhh… reminds me of my 6th-grade boyfriend.

  • Mindy

    I kind of like the look with skinny jeans, but mostly, what Taylor said.

  • jb

    Oh hell no. It was ugly and unflattering in the 80s, and it’s still ugly and unflattering. I say buy jeans that fit properly in the first place.

  • Eliana

    Oh God, please don’t make this come back into fashion!!!!

  • jaygee

    Oh no! Why???
    What next? Leg warmers & marled sweaters? How about neon double wrapped belts and lace gloves?? ID shirts & Members Only jackets??? Please stop. Some things don’t have to come back. They can just stay where they belong: in our distant memory.

  • Christine

    I was just reading this other blog at about these new baggy jean fit thing. I like new trends but this one makes me feel uneasy. I think guys that roll their jeans are fashion funky. I like em’. I dk about the girls. For sure tall and skinny can get the green light.

  • KatieM

    At the very best this is a VILE and sloppy trend, look at poor Amanda Peet and most women don’t have her fantastic body. And the skinny jean roll-up just looks like a sad attempt, unless you are at the beach, then it could be cool and cute.

  • RIN

    I remember this fad from the 80’s …I lived it the first time and I agree with the majority….let it die…Hollywood they always think they are starting something new..good god

  • C.A.B.

    Well, celebrities did not start this trend, the average woman did. I used to roll the hems of my jeans about 10 years ago. I agree with those who said let this trend go the way of the leg warmer (which by the way is one hideous look in the bright glare of 2008)!

    BTW, I recently saw somewhere a Members Only jacket in leather priced at a ridiculous sum of over $200. If only I’d held on to my pink nylon version – I could have sold it on eBay and bought some Christian Louboutin shoes lol.

  • Topnotchimageconsulting

    In addition to the 80’s, gals also rolled their jeans in the 50’s. To complete a retro image, wear flashy looking heels and a sheer sash around the neck or in a pony tail with a sweater T-shirt then tie an unbuttoned long sleeve at the waist. I disagree that you can not roll pants if you are short. That was half the reason we were rolling our jeans in the 80’s, since friends borrow friends jeans and well…many of us are shorter. No matter what your body type is, I would recommend that you stand in front of a full length mirror and experiment with different width and heights of folding jeans to see what compliments your body best. Keep in mind that different pant styles and materials may require different folds.

  • chimay

    Trends should be fresh not regurgitations of the sad, sordid fashion past. YAWWWWN.

  • Donna

    Actually, I don’t follow fashion at all. I wear what I want. I’ve had nothing but complements all my life over how I can put thing together and it looks great! People copy me so, yes, I Have worn my skinny jeans like this, when I feel like it. I have done so for many years, long before the 80’s. I like being an individual so I will never follow…

    Baggy jeans, I just will not wear for any reason or the Mom Pants! ewww!

  • SiaCorrina

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    I do not think I can disagree strongly enough! This was a bad idea when we were in high school (ok, now you know how old I am!) and it is still a bad idea!!!

    No matter who is wearing it, with whatever kind of body/legs, with any shoe or shirt… just not a good look!

  • Beverly

    Anything “new” has been done before…nothing is completely original. Just because something was “in” before doesn’t mean it should never be done again.

    I think it’s a great look…AND it keeps my pants from getting caught between my foot and my sandal, which I HATE!

    I’ll roll ’em down and be happy to have the extra length when I wear heels.

  • marichen

    love it!!saw it first in japan.

  • Bella

    I love this style!

    why do girls always have to wear the tightest, most uncomfortable clothes? These jeans are fashionable and do not require twelve other people to help you get into them.

    with the boyfriend jean style, you can wear the most amazing shoes too and it doesnt look too overdone. LONG LIVE BOYFRIEND JEANS!

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