Say AU REVOIR to blemishes and Bonjour to smooth skin

Move over Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.Votre Vu Au Revoir works to minimize the inflammation caused by pimples and other skin irritants while keeping the affected area clean and free of harmful bacteria. Salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory, disinfecting agent that works…


Ask Us: How Do I Extract a Large Blemish?

Q: How can I pop a huge pimple under the skin? I was hoping you could give me some clues as to what you look out for. Please help me! A: Any pimple, blemish or "zit" shouldn't be picked and…


New Life For Old Jeans

A few pairs of old jeans are probably taking up some of your precious closet space right now. They don't fit, they're out of style, and you haven't worn them in years. But don't be so quick to throw…


Ask Us: How Can I Treat Post-Acne Marks?

bliss peeling groovy.jpg

Question: For the past few months, every time I am about to get a blemish I take the proper steps to prevent it and, instead of fading, it leaves a purple spot on my face. Do you have any suggestions as how to aid the healing process?


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