Get smooth, soft lips with this sugar scrub

Don't forget your lips this winter! Dry nights and blustery days can leave your lips chapped and rough, but fortunately Bliss has the ultimate scrub that will get them soft and smooth again. The Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub ($18 at…


Bliss The Scrub 'n' Smear Squad

Winter means pretty snowfalls, relaxing breaks, fun with family and friends – and some serious changes to the state of your skin. Out of nowhere come dryness, flakiness and their various friends, usually caused by cranking up the heat indoors.


Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter Lite

  Bliss has created the ultimate lightweight moisture-giver in the new Lemon + Sage Body Butter Lite. Much like its nourishing older sister, Body Butter, the botanically-based moisturizing ingredients and antioxidant vitamins in Lite condition skin like, well…butter. It…


Ask Us: How Can I Treat Post-Acne Marks?

bliss peeling groovy.jpg

Question: For the past few months, every time I am about to get a blemish I take the proper steps to prevent it and, instead of fading, it leaves a purple spot on my face. Do you have any suggestions as how to aid the healing process?


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