A sweet treat for eyes: Benefit Lemon Aid

Yellow on your lids? Before you freak out, this beauty product isn't for hopping on the neon trend. Yellow helps balance out that redness your eyes get from late nights or early mornings. Swipe some of Benefit's Lemon Aid…


Vegan handbags by Cornelia Guest

Vegans (and every other woman) can rejoice: we found THE ultimate every day cruelty-free handbags. Designer Cornelia Guest has always been passionate about preventing animal cruelty, and she wanted to create accessories that she and her friends could wear and…


Shoe Shopping 101

How many times have you impulsively picked up an adorable pair of heels only to find yourself limping and covered in Band-Aids after wearing them for a couple hours? Learning to place a gorgeous but ill-fitting or uncomfortable pair of…


Rock the Look: Big Shoulders

High-end fashion brands like Brian Reyes and Louis Vuitton showcased several looks featuring big shoulders on the spring 2009 runways. While I'm not advocating stealing some eighties-style shoulder pads from (hopefully deep inside) your mom's closet, you can still…


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