Kristen Bell

Leighton Meester's role on Veronica Mars recast for movie

Kristen Bell voicing the titular role of Gossip Girl isn't the only Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars connection. Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester also appeared on Bell's show while both series were on the CW Network as Carrie Bishop. Sadly, it seems Leighton's schedule didn't work for the filming of the new Veronica Mars movie.


Celebrities take to social media to sound off on marriage equality

If you've noticed a lot of people on your Facebook feed changing their profile picture to that red equal sign, it's because the Supreme Court is voting today and tomorrow on two important same-sex marriage cases that will set precedent for the future of federal law. There's a good rundown on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, the two cases in question, and what the verdicts could mean here.


Help fund the Veronica Mars movie!

Veronica Mars fans never die! And let's hope in the years since the show's cancellation, their wallets have grown fatter. Because it's here, the chance for a Veronica Mars movie!


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