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Celebrities take to social media to sound off on marriage equality

If you've noticed a lot of people on your Facebook feed changing their profile picture to that red equal sign, it's because the Supreme Court is voting today and tomorrow on two important same-sex marriage cases that will set precedent for the future of federal law. There's a good rundown on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, the two cases in question, and what the verdicts could mean here.


Lady Gaga has been a little grumpy lately

First Lady Gaga kind of joins in with her fans who were "bullying" Kelly Osbourne lately (not sure privileged celebrities can necessarily be among the ranks of the disenfranchised) and now she's really being hard-nosed about a former assistant's complaints.


Mother Monster, control your brood! A Gaga/Kelly Osbourne fued!

Another case of girl on girl crime. It seems Lady Gaga's fans have been pretty harsh on Kelly Osbourne lately, according to Kelly, saying she should kill herself or get raped. Not okay. Everrrrrrrr. Because when people, especially women, toss off these types of comments it normalizes it and makes it okay for other people, especially men, to say them – and that's how we get the "Steubenville rape crew."


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